BREAKING NEWS: Denver Considers Hiring Over 40,000 Illegal Immigrants While Reducing Hours for City Staff -
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BREAKING NEWS: Denver Considers Hiring Over 40,000 Illegal Immigrants While Reducing Hours for City Staff

A recent report indicates that the City of Denver has considered the possibility of hiring illegal immigrants as a measure to reduce expenses related to social services.

As reported by the Daily Wire, the city had considered the idea of employing a portion of the 40,000 illegal immigrants who have migrated there in the past year, mostly from Venezuela.

The motive behind the proposal was to cut costs on social services, as individuals without legal status frequently struggle to secure jobs, placing a burden on taxpayers.

A city spokesperson informed the outlet that providing a full-time salary for municipal work was “not necessarily” more expensive than covering essential needs like food and housing.

The spokesperson told the Daily Wire, though, that the city isn’t pushing forward with the idea any further because it probably violates the law.

This development follows a report by Marc Sallinger, a journalist with 9 News Denver, suggesting that the city might cut back the hours of certain city employees, such as “coaches, lifeguards, front desk staff,” potentially down to “zero,” in efforts to mitigate the expenses associated with the “migrant crisis.”

Earlier this month, the city declared its intentions to cut or scale back certain public services to tackle the budget deficit spurred by the influx of migrants.

Democrat Mayor Mike Johnston disclosed that there would be no flower beds planted come spring, and the Division of Motor Vehicle offices in Denver would shut down on a rotating basis for a week, hindering individuals from registering vehicles in person.

These and other cuts will save just “one-fortieth of what the influx of newcomers will cost the city,” the Colorado Sun reported.

To prevent citizens or legal residents from feeling disheartened by rising costs coupled with diminishing job security and public services, the mayor issued a firm warning against blaming illegal immigrants.

“I want it to be clear to Denverites who is not responsible for this crisis that we’re in: The folks who have walked 3,000 miles to get to this city,” Johnson said in a public address.

Instead, he blamed the federal government for the lack of funding. “You’ve done your part,” he told Denver residents. “The city will do our part. The federal government did not do their part.”

Illegal immigrants represent just one segment contributing to a financial and safety dilemma in Denver.

Over the past year, the homeless community has also surged to nearly 9,000 individuals, with many residing on the streets.

“We have to clean up vomit and urine and syringes and used condoms and feces. We didn’t cause the homeless problem in Denver, but we have clean up after it,” local businessman Jon Caldara said last September.

“This is a not an affordable housing crisis. This is a drug crisis, this is a mental health crisis, and this is a crisis of law. That these people who need help will never get help if they are not brought to jail where they are forced to get some help.”

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