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JUST IN: Democrats Vote Down Proposal Banning Trafficking of Aborted Baby Parts in Maine

On Tuesday, the Maine Senate, which is under Democratic control, declined to pass an amendment to a late-term abortion bill.

This proposed amendment aimed to stop the sale and trafficking of body parts from aborted babies.

According to The Maine Wire, GOP State Sen. Eric Brakey introduced the amendment as new legislation is likely going to pass which will allow abortions through all nine months of pregnancy.

The bill, LD 1619, sponsored by Gov. Janet Mills, a pro-abortion Democrat, would legalize abortions up to birth for any reason an abortionist deems “necessary.”

Currently, abortions are prohibited after 24 weeks.

“If this legislation to legalize abortion up to the point of birth is to go into law, the least we can do is to establish this moratorium on the trafficking of fetal body parts so that the legislature can thoughtfully consider this issue in the coming years and develop more permanent policy,” Republican Sen. Brakey said prior to the vote.

However, in a vote of 23-11, the state Senate dismissed his proposal, with State Senator Rick Bennett, a Republican from Oxford, aligning with Democrats to kill the amendment. It is worth noting that Bennett did vote against the bill itself, though.

As reported by The Maine Wire:

Brakey’s amendment would have prevented the sale or transfer of aborted late-term baby tissue to any entity for purposes other than burial or cremation for four years.

Trafficking in fetal remains would have been a Class C crime under the proposal.

Brakey said he was concerned that Maine’s legalization of late-term abortion would potentially create a marketplace for aborted fetal tissue.

Sen. Brakey described the practice as “ghoulish.” He also pointed out that Shannon Carr, a former New Mexico abortionist with a history of providing aborted baby body parts to researchers, now works in Maine.

Thousands of Maine residents have been showing up at the state Capitol to protest the late-term abortion expansion. In May, more than 2,200 attended a pro-life rally at the Statehouse, and nearly 700 testified against the bill while only 65 testified in favor.

Portland Catholic Bishop Robert Deeley also condemned the “immoral” bill in a statement, reminding lawmakers that the vast majority of Americans believe viable, late-term babies deserve to be protected.

“This measure eliminates any protections for children who cannot speak for themselves but will suffer because of it,” Deeley said, slamming pro-abortion lawmakers for bowing to the”whispers of special interests.”

Pro-abortion Democrats control the state legislature, and the bill is expected to pass this week.

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