DOCUMENTS CONFIRM: Democrat Governor Spent $12,000 of Taxpayer Funds at Taylor Swift Concert and Other Events -
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DOCUMENTS CONFIRM: Democrat Governor Spent $12,000 of Taxpayer Funds at Taylor Swift Concert and Other Events

The Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy (a Democrat), allegedly used taxpayer money to attend stadium events, one of which featured a Taylor Swift concert.

According to documents obtained by Politico, it shows that he used his government-funded expense account to purchase around $12,000 worth of food and drinks during these outings, the outlet reported on Monday.

His office asserts that it has asked the state’s Democratic Party to repay taxpayers, the outlet continued:

Murphy’s office said the Democratic State Committee was initially expected to cover the stadium costs but didn’t. The state was left with the bill, which was paid via Murphy’s $95,000-a-year expense account — a longstanding line item in the state budget which has been consistently renewed under Murphy and his predecessors.

Politico pointed out that the expense account is prohibited from being used for personal reasons and cannot be used to supplement Murphy’s $175,000 salary.

A spokesperson for Murphy stated that at the time, his office believed that state party officials would typically handle the expenses.

“Once it was clear that there were outstanding bills that had not been paid, the state stepped up to meet this responsibility,” Jennifer Sciortino explained.

Back in June 2022, state oversight leaders accused Murphy of wrongly allocating $10 million in COVID-19 relief funds to illegal aliens in the form of stimulus checks.

According to the reports Murphy provided the state’s nearly half a million illegal aliens with rounds of stimulus checks to the sum of tens of millions of dollars — paid for by American taxpayers — that was meant as coronavirus relief for Americans.

In December 2021, Murphy faced criticism for vacationing in Costa Rica while his state had one of the highest COVID-19 infection rates per population in the country

According to the previous reports:

Murphy’s Costa Rica vacation marks the third time he has left his state for a personal getaway in the past five months, according to the New Jersey Advance. In August, the governor and his family traveled abroad to his multimillion-dollar 23-room villa in Italy’s Umbria region.

In November, Murphy and his family took a three-day trip to Orlando around Thanksgiving, according to the New Jersey Advance.

It’s important to note that the politically left-leaning Taylor Swift has been encouraging her fans to register to vote as the presidential election approaches.

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