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JUST REVEALED: Court Documents Show Jack Smith and FBI Targeted Obama and North Korean Related Documents in Mar-a-Lago Raid

Newly Revealed Documents in Mar-a-Lago Raid Case Suggest Jack Smith Targeted Obama and North Korea-related documents.

After the raid the DOJ was pleased with their findings and wrote, “I think we are in good shape.”

Two years after his meeting with Obama prior to his 2017 Inauguration, President Trump asserted that Obama was on the verge of initiating a conflict with North Korea. Trump alleged that Obama was “close to starting a big war” with North Korea.

Years later, during a raid on President Trump’s iconic Mar-a-Lago residence, the Obama/Biden administration sought documents related to North Korea. They confiscated documents that President Trump legally possessed under the Presidential Records Act.

Julie Kelly highlighted the latest revelations emerging from the classified documents case against President Trump, involving the Biden/Obama/Jack Smith affair.

Newly unredacted documents, which Jack Smith fought to keep private, indicate collaboration between the Obama/Biden administration and various government agencies to undermine President Trump.

But there’s additional information. A document, finally released this week after months of legal battles, sheds light on what the Biden/Obama administration aimed to obtain in its Mar-a-Lago raid.

Beyond reclaiming documents highlighting their alleged misconduct from President Trump’s possession, the administration sought another crucial document or set of documents.

The Biden/Obama administration, under scrutiny for the raid on President Trump’s residence and the seizure of his documents, purportedly formulated a justification beforehand. It appears they had their rationale prepared prior to the raid, despite President Trump’s legal possession of the documents under the Presidential Records Act.


The first document mentioned above is a post-raid report offering insight into their objectives, revealing it wasn’t solely the accordion folder of Deep State crimes they were targeting.

“There is one accordian [sp] folder in the mess so it stood out. It contained, among other things, the Obama letter and North Korea correspondence. We need to verify that all of the correspondence is there. But I think we are in good shape.”


Based on the actions of the Biden/Obama DOJ thus far, we can speculate that for this administration to feel “in good shape,” they were either satisfied with what they obtained that removed the risk of their crimes being uncovered, pleased about securing documents they intended to set up President Trump (such as North Korea communications), or perhaps both.

What drove the DOJ’s strong determination to obtain documents related to Obama and North Korea from President Trump’s home?

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