Congressman Adam Schiff Fears That Trump Will Throw Him in Prison if Reelected -
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Congressman Adam Schiff Fears That Trump Will Throw Him in Prison if Reelected

California Congressman Adam Schiff has stated that he is taking the possibility of Donald Trump putting him in prison seriously, should Trump return to the White House next January.

In an interview with The Los Angeles Times, Schiff made this statement, despite the fact that Trump would lack the authority to carry this out.

“We’re taking this seriously because we have to,” Schiff said. “We’ve seen this movie before … and how perilous it is to ignore what someone is saying when they say they want to be a dictator.”

These concerns stem from recent remarks made by Trump, who stated that Schiff and other members of the January 6th committee, whom he labeled as corrupt, should face prosecution and imprisonment.

A well-known conspiracy theorist, Schiff, has also expressed his opinion that the Supreme Court is aiming to protect Trump over the politically motivated prosecution related to the former president’s actions following the fraudulent 2020 presidential election.

“I’m fearful that the Supreme Court is deliberately slow-walking this,” Schiff said, complaining that the court should not be looking at Trump’s claim that he has presidential immunity against prosecution.

“The claim is borderline frivolous … they’re drawing it out just enough to make it almost infeasible to try [the cases] before the election,” he continued. “It’s still possible to get it done. And I think voters deserve to have that information.”

Schiff, who is expected to succeed Kamala Harris as his state’s senator after winning the California primary, isn’t the sole California Congressman voicing concerns that Trump will take aggressive legal action against those involved in his persecution.

“If he intends to eliminate our constitutional system and start arresting his political enemies, I guess I would be on that list,” Rep. Zoe Lofgren said. “One thing I did learn on the committee is to pay attention and listen to what Trump says, because he means it.”

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