WATCH: Chris Wallace Claims 'It Would Be Suicidal for Trump to Be Too Aggressive in Debate' -
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WATCH: Chris Wallace Claims ‘It Would Be Suicidal for Trump to Be Too Aggressive in Debate’

CNN host Chris Wallace stated on Wednesday’s edition of “Newsnight” that it would be “suicidal” for former President Donald Trump if he doesn’t change his aggressive “way too hot” behavior from the last time he debated President Joe Biden.

Anchor Abby Phillip said: “So, as we saw in that video, the interruptions from Trump, that’s just how he operates. If you’ve ever interacted with him, as you have on a debate stage, on a town hall stage, a 145 in the span of 90 minutes in that debate that you did. Do you expect that his behavior will be more or less the same or has he changed in any way in terms of how he likes to present himself in that setting?”

Wallace replied: “Oh, it would be suicidal if he doesn’t change how he conducted himself. I think there was a lot of feeling inside the Trump camp that that was a mistake, that he came on way too hot.”

“And, you know, that debate ended up as unpleasant as it was, and I was, you know, a witness. I was a bystander to the car accident. It actually was very significant. And Trump lost a lot, dropped four or five points in the polls and never recovered. I think it was a real turning point in the debate,” he added.

“If I were giving Trump advice, I would let Biden talk because sometimes Biden gets himself in trouble. And then I’d counterpunch. Don’t make yourself the issue. Try make Biden the issue,” he continued.

“I think Trump thought I’m going to be able to throw Biden off his game. I’m going to be able to get him confused. It didn’t work. Biden kept his cool. And the person who ended up looking bad was Trump. If he does the same thing again, he’s a fool,” Wallace concluded.


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