Chief of Russia's Federal Security Service Drops a BOMBSHELL: 'We Can Confirm That United States, United Kingdom, and Ukraine Orchestrated the Attack in Moscow' -
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Chief of Russia’s Federal Security Service Drops a BOMBSHELL: ‘We Can Confirm That United States, United Kingdom, and Ukraine Orchestrated the Attack in Moscow’

On Tuesday, the chief of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) claimed that the United States, United Kingdom, and Ukraine collaborated to orchestrate the killing of nearly 140 individuals at a concert venue in the suburbs of Moscow last Friday.

According to the Russian news agency Tass, Alexander Bortnikov informed reporters that based on “factual information we have,” it was “true” that the three countries coordinated the attack.

“This is general information, but they have a long record of this sort,” Tass quoted Bortnikov as saying.

“What is it expected to do to demonstrate its capability? It is expected to carry out sabotage and terrorist acts in the rear. This is what both the chiefs of Ukraine’s special services and the British special services are aiming at. US special services have repeatedly mentioned this, too,” the head of Russia’s Federal Security Service added.

“There have been drone strikes, strikes by uncrewed boats at sea, and incursions by groups of saboteurs and terrorist organizations into our territory,” he claimed, citing them as evidence that “the West and Ukraine are out to cause greater harm to our country.”

On the night of March 22, a group of armed men launched an assault on the Crocus City concert hall and mall complex in Krasnogorsk, a Moscow suburb. The attack occurred shortly before a concert by the Russian rock band Piknik. Gunfire erupted indiscriminately, targeting both concertgoers settling into their seats and those seeking refuge in hallways and bathrooms. Additionally, the attackers set ablaze a significant portion of the complex.

As of Monday, Russian authorities have confirmed 139 people dead, including three children and 182 injured, but have warned that the death counts may rise as many of those injured are in critical condition and rescuers are still pulling bodies out of the rubble.

Russian law enforcement officials have identified four men as responsible for the attack on Crocus City: Dalerjon Mirzoyev, Saidakram Rachabalizodu, Shamsidin Fariduni, and Muhammadsobir Faizov, all Tajik nationals.

Russia has arrested three other people – brothers Aminchon and Dilovar Islomov, and father Isroil Islomov – who allegedly sold a getaway car to the attackers a week before the massacre.

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