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[WATCH] Cartoon Network’s New Children Series Introduces ‘Non-binary’ Characters With ‘They/Them’ Pronouns

The animated series “We Baby Bears” on Cartoon Network has recently introduced characters who identify as gender “non-binary” and use “they/them” pronouns, making it the newest show to promote gender non-conformity among kids.

Cartoon Network made an announcement on Monday about the introduction of new “non-binary” characters. These characters will be featured in an upcoming episode titled “Polly’s New Crew,” which aligns with the theme of gay pride month.

The news was initially reported by GLAAD, an organization that has long been advocating for Hollywood studios to embrace the radical LGBTQ agenda.

As reported by GLAAD:

In “Polly’s New Crew,” the bears reunite with their old friend Polly the Pirate Captain. They soon learn that Polly is under the effect of a pirate curse and need to help [Polly] overcome it.

The three bears arrive on the ship with the help of their friend Box. Once they’ve landed, everyone introduces themselves. “I am the great Winnifred, she/her. Actor extraordinaire!” Winnie says.

“Our crew also has a new addition,” one of the bears shares. “Meet Box! They use they/them pronouns and they make an exceptionally good quiche!”

Polly excitedly shares that [Polly] “use[s] they/them pronouns as well!”

In May, actor Dominique Jackson, who is transgender, voiced a guest role on “We Baby Bears” playing a biologically female character named “Cassi.”

The show’s embrace of radical gender ideology is par for the course for Cartoon Network.

A study released last year showed a stunning 222 percent increase in LGBTQ characters and stories in children’s programming across all networks between 2017 and 2019 alone.

This is the new episode of Cartoon Network’s kid’s show “We Baby Bears” introducing non-binary characters who go by they/them pronouns.


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