BREAKING NEWS: Most Infected in COVID Outbreak at CDC Conference Were Vaccinated -
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BREAKING NEWS: Most Infected in COVID Outbreak at CDC Conference Were Vaccinated

A COVID-19 outbreak unfolded at a conference organized by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), even though the majority of attendees had been vaccinated.

About 1,800 CDC staffers and others gathered in April in a hotel in Atlanta, where the CDC is headquartered, for a conference focused on epidemiological investigations and strategies.

On April 27th, the final day of the conference, multiple people informed organizers that they had tested positive for COVID-19.

The CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health worked together to survey attendees to try to figure out how many people had tested positive.

“The goals were to learn more about transmission that occurred and add to our understanding as we transition to the next phase of COVID-19 surveillance and response,” the CDC said in a statement.

About 80 percent of the attendees completed the survey. Out of those, 181 individuals reported testing positive for COVID-19.

Pretty much all respondents, 99.4 percent, had received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose.

The number of unvaccinated people who got sick, if any, was not disclosed.

Officials also did not break down the vaccinated between those who had received a dose of the updated bivalent vaccines and those who had not.

The CDC has not responded to requests for more information.

About 360 people did not respond to the survey, so the actual outbreak may have been larger.

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