BREAKING NEWS: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Reveals… 'We Will Continue to Support Aid to Ukraine' -
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BREAKING NEWS: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Reveals… ‘We Will Continue to Support Aid to Ukraine’

During his visit to Israel on Monday, Speaker Kevin McCarthy assured that the United States will persist in providing military and economic aid to Ukraine.

On his first trip as Speaker, McCarthy expressed his enthusiastic support for Ukraine while in Israel.

A reporter from a Russian news agency asked if the United States had any plans to cut its aid to Ukraine.

In response, the Speaker said: “I vote for aid for Ukraine, I support aid for Ukraine. I do not support what your country has done to Ukraine, I do not support your killing of the children either.”

“You should pull out and I don’t think it’s right. We will continue to support. And I think the rest of the world sees it just as it is,” he added.

In mid-October, approaching the 2022 midterm elections, McCarthy warned that Republicans would not write a “blank check” to Ukraine.

This reflects the growing concern among many House Republicans about the ongoing economic and military assistance to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, which they see as never-ending.

“I think people are gonna be sitting in a recession and they’re not going to write a blank check to Ukraine. They just won’t do it. … It’s not a free blank check,” the California Republican said.

America has provided more than $113 billion in military and economic aid to Ukraine.

It remains unclear in what legislative capacity McCarthy would seek to provide Ukraine with more aid.

Reps. Thomas Massie and Ralph Norman, two members of the House Rules Committee, told Breitbart News that they would use their influence at the Rules Committee to strip Ukraine aid funding from any must-pass bill such as an omnibus, a continuing resolution, or a debt ceiling bill.


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