BREAKING NEWS: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to Enter 2024 Presidential Race in Mid-May -
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BREAKING NEWS: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to Enter 2024 Presidential Race in Mid-May

According to reports, Ron DeSantis is expected to enter the 2024 presidential race in mid-May.

Florida Governor DeSantis is set to launch his presidential exploratory committee in the following weeks, as reported by NBC News.

As reported by NBC News:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is poised to jump into the presidential fray as soon as mid-May, four GOP operatives familiar with the conversations told NBC News.

One of the sources emphasized that it would be an exploratory committee, with the official launch coming soon after.

Some of his backers are urging him to declare as early as May 11, in an effort to counter the creeping national narrative that former President Donald Trump is the overwhelming front-runner for the 2024 GOP nomination.

Others in the governor’s orbit, however, have argued that that date would be too soon, according to two of those sources. All emphasized, however, that mid-May is the target.

DeSantis, long viewed as Trump’s strongest Republican challenger in 2024, has traveled far outside Florida in recent weeks to raise his profile. But some of DeSantis’ allies have started to question his readiness as his poll numbers have lagged and he has fell victim of a series of self-inflicted wounds.

In a recent Premise poll conducted from March 16-21 among 1,509 registered voters, it was uncovered that President Trump is ahead of Ron DeSantis by 31 points in the primary.

According to the same poll, DeSantis is only one point ahead of Joe Biden in the general election. Additionally, Trump’s lead over Biden has increased by one point since the previous poll conducted on February 15-16.

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