Bill Maher: 'Republicans Are All Natural-Born Cultists and Trump Is the American Caesar' -
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Bill Maher: ‘Republicans Are All Natural-Born Cultists and Trump Is the American Caesar’

Comedian Bill Maher stated on Monday during an appearance on CNN’s “AC360” that Republicans are “natural-born cultists,” and former President Donald Trump is their “American Caesar.”

“The Republican Party is unrecognizable, especially the congresspeople. They’re just there to do performative nonsense,” he said.

“People like Marjorie Taylor Greene, real mental midgets that they are not interested in legislation. They don’t know how it works. They’re not really interested in improving the country. They are just interested, as you said, in owning the libs, making liberals cry the tears, and getting revenge, and also they are cultish. They are natural-born cultists,” Maher added.

“They fall in line behind their candidate and now they’ve found a candidate who is a cult leader. So, that quality of falling in line is very dangerous now because it’s sort of in their nature,” he continued.

“I have been using this phrase, slow-moving coup since before Trump was elected the first time, before he even got elected, I said this is a slow-moving coup,” Maher said.

“I watch these dominos fall one by one, the signs of a country that is moving into a different realm. And it’s happened in many other countries, famously Roman was a republic, then it was a dictatorship under Julius Caesar. And I see this American Caesar slowly taking us down this road,” he concluded.


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