Biden Summons 'Last-Minute Invitation' to Top Donors for White House Meeting Ahead of Potential 2024 Campaign Announcement -
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Biden Summons ‘Last-Minute Invitation’ to Top Donors for White House Meeting Ahead of Potential 2024 Campaign Announcement

The New York Times reports that Joe Biden has extended a “last-minute invitation” to his top donors, who are set to gather at the White House by the end of next week, as he prepares to announce his 2024 campaign.

As Biden has been secretly getting everything in place for another announcement, some of Biden’s top donors “received a last-minute invitation to travel to Washington at the end of next week to see Mr. Biden as he gears up for a 2024 campaign,” the New York Times reported.

It has been unclear when Joe Biden will officially announce his campaign. Initially, his advisors claimed that he would make the announcement around February’s State of the Union address. However, recent reports have suggested that he may delay the announcement until the fall.

Campaigns are required to disclose their fundraising figures every quarter, which can provide them with a fundraising edge if they announce their candidacy at the start of the quarter. This gives them three months to demonstrate their fundraising prowess. However, by delaying his announcement, Joe Biden is leaving potential staffers up in the air, who need to make plans on their own.

In fact, the Times explained that the invitations extended to people by phone, not email went out to Biden’s “biggest donors and bundlers,” who raised over a million dollars for him last cycle. However, the event, according to over a half-dozen people, is being seen as a way to rally donors rather than a fundraiser.

The New York Times noted that the specifics of the gathering are still being worked out, but it is anticipated that it will involve an encounter with President Biden outside the White House on Friday evening. Additionally, the gathering may include a briefing from his strategists on Saturday.

Although President Biden has not yet declared his candidacy for re-election, some individuals have already taken the initiative.

Marianne Williamson, an author and “spiritual thought leader” who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, has announced her intention to run for the nomination once again. In addition, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launched a campaign to challenge Joe Biden.

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