BREAKING: The Biden Administration Is Preparing Another $24 Billion for Ukraine -
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BREAKING: The Biden Administration Is Preparing Another $24 Billion for Ukraine

Hawaii is in flames, and a beachfront city has experienced near-total devastation.

People were driving into the ocean to escape the flames and are currently trying to gather any items they can find as reminders of their past. A total of 53 deaths have been reported.

The border is completely open, and there is a significant influx of fentanyl. Drone footage has captured armed, military-aged men crossing rivers into the US.

Under Joe Biden’s administration, fatalities caused by fentanyl have reached unprecedented levels.

Adding to the situation, we’re now dealing with yet another “government shutdown.” It appears that this has become a recurring issue on a quarterly basis.

This presents an ideal opportunity for Biden to incorporate his personal agenda into the budget and pressure House Republicans.

His administration is preparing another $40 billion in new “emergency spending,” including $24 billion to Ukraine.

However, he hasn’t completely overlooked us, the American citizens. There’s $12 billion to refill the federal disaster relief fund and an additional $4 billion to address issues at the border. While a wall might have required roughly $5 billion, this $4 billion is intended for “shelter and services for migrants and counter-fentanyl efforts.”

Let’s hope that this time around, the House Republicans won’t cave.

As reported by Politico:

Biden seeking $40B in emergency funds for Ukraine, disaster relief

The cash that President Joe Biden requested formally on Thursday includes more than $24 billion in aid to Ukraine, $12 billion to replenish a dwindling pot of federal disaster relief and $4 billion to address issues at the southern border, like shelter and services for migrants and counter-fentanyl efforts.

Lawmakers in both parties have clamored for more Ukraine aid, determined to honor a U.S. commitment to helping the country in its grueling war against Russian aggression that looks likely to continue throughout the rest of the year.

But staunch conservatives in both chambers, particularly in the House, are vehemently opposed to giving Ukraine another dime without a fuller accounting of how the $43 billion in assistance already allocated to the country has been spent.

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