Attorney General Merrick Garland Defies Last Warning: Refuses to Comply with Biden Audio Subpoena or Face Contempt -
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Attorney General Merrick Garland Defies Last Warning: Refuses to Comply with Biden Audio Subpoena or Face Contempt

On Thursday, Attorney General Merrick Garland refused to comply with a final warning to provide the audio of President Joe Biden’s interview with special counsel Robert Hur, despite being subpoenaed.

On April 17, House Oversight Committee chair James Comer (R-KY) and Judiciary Committee chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland, warning that failure to comply with the subpoena would result in contempt of Congress proceedings.

Biden’s Justice Department replied Thursday to Comer and Jordan by refusing to hand over the audio, citing a lack of “legitimate congressional need” for it.

“If the Committee’s goal is to receive information from the Department in furtherance of your investigations, that goal has been more than met,” Assistant Attorney General Carlos Uriarte replied Thursday. “Our cooperation has been extraordinary.”

“Despite our many requests,” he added, “the Committees have not articulated a legitimate congressional need to obtain audio recordings from Mr. Hur’s investigation, let alone one that outweighs the Department’s strong interest in protecting the confidentiality of law enforcement files.”

“Lacking a justification for complaint—never mind contempt—in the actual record, the Committees’ threats deepen our concern that you are seeking to create a false narrative of obstruction that weakens, rather than strengthens, the American people’s confidence in our government and the rule of law,” Uriarte continued.

“The Department will not shirk from our duty to protect the public’s interest in the integrity of law enforcement work. We hope you find this information helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact this office if we may provide additional assistance regarding this or any other matter,” he claimed.

When a request for comment from the Oversight Committee about future steps regarding Garland and potential contempt proceedings, a spokesperson replied, “We will respond to the Department of Justice.”

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