American Political Strategist Ana Navarro Claims: 'The Root of All This Evil Is Donald Trump' -
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American Political Strategist Ana Navarro Claims: ‘The Root of All This Evil Is Donald Trump’

During ABC’s ‘The View’ on Friday, Ana Navarro told her co-hosts that she believed the root of the Republican party’s ‘evil’ was former President Donald Trump.

“Yesterday I spent a lot of time watching news as a lot of are doing and it’s almost like you feel schizophrenic. On the one hand you’re seeing the horror happen in Israel and Gaza and the danger in that region, and then you turn to America and it is a complete clown show,” Navarro said.

“You’ve got the former president and his minions on trial pleading guilty. You got in the House of Representatives, I can’t, I mean the things that are happening, there is no speaker,” she continued.

“That to me the contrast could not be more dramatic. Yesterday we heard a phone call that people were making to pressure congresspeople who did not vote,” she added.

Co-host Sara Haines added: “Death Threats.”

Navarro continued: “The most horrible things, the root of all this evil is Donald Trump, the havoc he started on the Republican party and country.”

Haines said: “It reminds us why that speech last night was so important. When countries are divided and they’re in tumult, that’s when people attack. So right now, yes, it’s a clown show.”

“It’s essential that our president stands up and says, no, no, we can fight among ourselves but we’re in this together,” she added.


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