American Lawyer George Conway Claims: 'Trump Voters Can't Admit They're Enabling a Monster' -
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American Lawyer George Conway Claims: ‘Trump Voters Can’t Admit They’re Enabling a Monster’

During an appearance on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” on Tuesday, attorney George Conway said that voters of former President Donald Trump are unwilling to admit that he could be guilty of sexually abusing E. Jean Carroll because then they would “have to admit they’ve been essentially endorsing and enabling a monster.”

Anderson Cooper asked him: “Do you think the verdict plays a role in how he does in the campaign for the nomination? Do you think it affects that?”

George Conway replied: “Like everything else involving Donald Trump, it cuts both ways. I think to the people who support him, they will simply dismiss it as a conspiracy led by the litigation, or me, or you, or CNN, or Jean Carroll, or Jean Carroll’s lawyers.”

“Another attempt to get Donald Trump. And they never really ask themself, wait a minute, how is it possible for any one person to get into this many scrapes and have that many people say the same thing about him, about his dishonesty and his lying and sexual predation, and never ask themselves, is there something to this?” he continued.

“Because they can’t do that. They can’t bring themselves to do that. If they do that then they have to admit they’ve been essentially endorsing and enabling a monster,” Conway concluded.

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