American Actor Scott Baio Reveals: 'It's Not a Safe Place Anymore' — The Actor Leaving California After 45 Years -
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American Actor Scott Baio Reveals: ‘It’s Not a Safe Place Anymore’ — The Actor Leaving California After 45 Years

Scott Baio has had enough of California.

After 45 years of residing in California, the actor has had enough of the state’s left-wing politics, rising crime, homelessness, lawlessness, and the grim future it holds. Consequently, he has decided to leave the state, taking his family with him.

On Wednesday, the 62-year-old, who has been a Los Angeles resident for a long time, declared his plans to depart from the state on social media.

“After 45 years, I’m making my way to finally ‘exit stage right’ from California,” the actor wrote.

His declaration included a quote from a report on KTLA5 that read:

“The most recent survey conducted by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority found approximately 69,000 people experiencing homelessness in L.A. County and 41,000 in the city in 2022.”

He further wrote that homelessness “brings down property value. Also, no consequences for crime that is rampant, making things higher in price and it’s just not a safe place anymore. [ImFree].”

Homelessness and crime rates have motivated other celebrities to leave the Golden State over the past few years.

Stars like Katy Perry, Matthew McConaughey, and podcaster Joe Rogan previously said L.A. was no longer the place they wanted to bring up a family.

This is not the first time Baio, son of Italian migrants who was born and raised in New York City, has called attention to the state of the nation in general and California in particular.

He was seen at the #WalkAway “Rescue America” rally in 2020 calling for change.

On that occasion, he joined hundreds of Americans who marched from West Hollywood to Beverly Hills to show their love for the country.

The Walk Away Campaign organized the event to “show the radical left that they do not own America’s streets and that our country is filled with kind, loving, big-hearted Americans of every race, religion, background, and creed,” its website read.

Baio was also happy to take to social media to show his support and his political backing for Donald Trump.

The Happy Days star also addressed the crowd and said he loved America and wanted to save it because “I love that we’re a God-fearing nation. I love that we’re a law-abiding nation. I love our traditional values.”

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