BREAKING UPDATE: Almost All Hunter Biden's Bank Records Are Now in Possession of the House Oversight Committee -
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BREAKING UPDATE: Almost All Hunter Biden’s Bank Records Are Now in Possession of the House Oversight Committee

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer stated on Friday that the majority of Hunter Biden’s bank records, which were subpoenaed, are now in the possession of the committee.

The nearing end of the subpoena process indicates that the committee is preparing to request the Bidens’ appearance before the committee to testify under oath.

On September 28, Comer issued subpoenas for both the personal and business bank records of Hunter and James Biden. This move aimed to investigate the connection between Joe Biden and his family’s foreign business dealings.

During an interview on “The Great America Show with Lou Dobbs,” Comer confirmed that the committee had subpoenaed Hunter Biden’s bank records. He said, “We’ve gotten almost all the bank records in.”

“It’s been a long process because, Lou, he [Hunter Biden] has so many bank accounts,” Comer said, explaining the complexity of the process. “He would have one shell company with a dozen bank accounts.”

Comer, a former bank board member, accused the Bidens of running a scam. “They laundered money,” he said.

“Because we got these bank accounts, we’re very close to bringing in the Bidens,” Comer said about demanding their testimony. “I would say it’s a matter of days before they get served.”

Comer said the outstanding bank records are relevant to the questions he hopes to ask the Bidens under oath. “I think that we’ve just about got enough bank records to where we can bring them in and ask them specific questions with specific hard evidence in the form of bank statements,” he said.

On Wednesday, Comer claimed that Joe Biden received $40,000 in allegedly laundered money from CEFC China Energy Co. in 2017. The money reportedly came from the account of his brother, James Biden, and sister-in-law, Sara Biden, labeled as a “loan repayment” in the form of a personal check.

Comer’s disclosure marks the second occasion when Joe Biden received a personal check from his brother, James Biden, who had been engaged in the business dealings of the Biden family.

Comer informed Dobbs that the checks serve as “direct evidence” demonstrating that Joe Biden “financially benefited” from the Biden family business.

On Wednesday, White House spokesperson Ian Sams stated that Comer’s assertions are “lies and conspiracy theories.”

Comer promised to continue the investigation into Joe Biden. He informed Dobbs, “We continue — on at least a weekly basis — to come up with more evidence, more checks, more wires.”

Evidence found by the impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden is growing.

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