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Alina Habba: “Jurors in Trump Trial Should Have Been Sequestered”

In a Fox News interview, Habba, the legal representative for ex-President Donald Trump, expressed her belief that the jury should have been sequestered from both the media or even their family during the holiday weekend, adding that they are dealing with a case that is “completely unprecedented and unwarranted.”

Habba’s remarks coincide with the imminent verdict from the 12 jurors in Trump’s case, where he’s accused of 34 counts of falsifying top-tier business records. These charges stem from alleged payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“These are not sequestered jurors,” Habba said.

“They should have been sequestered because, in my opinion, these jurors are handling something that is completely unprecedented and unwarranted in America. And for them to be able to be out and about on a holiday weekend, with friends and families who have opinions who are watching the news, TV’s on the background at the pool party — I have serious concerns,” she continued.

“If they’re left-wing and they’re watching MSDNC, as my client calls it, or CNN, they’re not going to get fair news,” Habba stated.

“They’re going to hear … but, by the way, they have been saying that this case is a hoax, which is shocking. But, they know that the jurors are out there listening and I have concerns about that,” she added.

Trump’s defense team concluded their presentation on May 21. Next Tuesday, the trial will enter its closing phase with the commencement of closing arguments.

Judge Juan Merchan clarified that the Memorial Day weekend factored into scheduling the closing arguments for May 28. He emphasized that there was “no way” to accomplish what was necessary before the holiday weekend.

Merchan predicted that closing arguments would span a day and expressed hope that jury deliberations would begin on May 29, as reported by the New York Times.

While Habba acknowledged that sometimes “time can work in your favor,” she added that she had “worries” about the jurors “going back to whatever friends might have Trump derangement syndrome, forgetting all sense of reality and coming back” and sitting in the juror’s box and feeling like they “need to take one for the DNC.”


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