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35-Year-Old Man Who Impregnated a 10-Year-Old Claims He Doesn’t Deserve the 160-Year Sentence

Seven months after a judge sentenced her attacker to 160 years in prison, the young girl whose mother’s boyfriend impregnated her when she was 10 is getting ready to start a new life.

We are using the name Sophie to help protect the identity of the little girl.

Per Sophie’s grandmother, the Georgia girl has been discharged from the mental health facility in Indiana where she was admitted late last year due to displaying signs of suicidal behavior.

According to prosecutors, Sophie was repeatedly sexually assaulted by Nicholas Thrash, her mother’s live-in boyfriend.

Authorities say the 35-year-old started the abuse in Georgia when Sophie was as young as 8 years old and it continued for years until she became pregnant while living in Indiana with her mom and the attacker.

Thrash was arrested by police in Indiana after authorities discovered the girl was pregnant. She was just 10 at the time.

Her mother was also arrested in connection to the crimes. Prosecutors say she knew the abuse was happening but did nothing to protect her child or remove her from the situation.

Her attacker, who is now serving a 160-year prison sentence, has filed an appeal to the Indiana State Supreme Court challenging his conviction.

In his brief to the court, Thrash says, he’s appealing on multiple grounds.

He believes the length of his sentence is not appropriate, the trial court improperly admitted evidence showing Sophie and the newborn baby at the hospital, and he was improperly removed from the courtroom following several outbursts alleging the child he impregnated was promiscuous during his trial.

The Indiana Attorney General has responded to the brief, arguing that everything was done according to the law in Thrash’s case and his sentence should be affirmed by the appeals court.

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